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Summary of Static Owner's Rules

As an owner/guest on our Park, you automatically acknowledge your full agreement with and acceptance of the following Static Caravan Owner and Park rules, which must be adhered to by both you and your family/guests. It is your responsibility to inform users of your caravan of the Park Rules.

Use of your Static Caravan

  • You can only use the static caravan for holiday and recreational purposes.
  • You must not use the static caravan as your only or main residential home. You must have a home address which you use as your place of residence. You must provide us with proof of address.
  • Your static caravan may only be used by you as owners and/or family members/close friends. You must inform us and provide details of the family/close friends that will be staying.

Selling your Static Caravan

  • You can sell your static caravan to Woodlands Caravan Park.
  • You cannot sell your static caravan to anyone else to use on Woodlands caravan Park.
  • We reserve the right to refuse entry to any person not authorised to use Woodlands Caravan Park. You are allowed to remove your static caravan and sell it to someone offsite. You must arrange with us for the static caravan to be removed from the park.

Age of your static caravan

  • New static caravans can be kept at Woodlands for a minimum of 20 years at which time we will review the condition of the static and plot.
  • For any preowned static caravans purchased at Woodlands, these can be kept up to 20 years after the manufacturer date at which time we will review the condition of the static and plot.
  • After the 20 year period and if deemed by Woodlands that the home and plot is in good condition, a 20% increase in annual rent each year will be required to continue your stay at the park. Those homes that have been deemed in poor condition will be asked to upgrade or vacate the park.

Insuring your Static Caravan

  • You agree to insure your static caravan.
  • You agree to provide proof of insurance by providing us with a copy of your insurance details each year.
  • We recommend that you insure your personal effects and cash. The management accepts no liability for injury to persons or loss or damage to their property however caused unless it is demonstrably due to negligence on our part.

Winter Storage

  • You must arrange a drain down for your static caravan during the closed season.

Maintenance of your Static Caravan and Plot

  • You agree to keep the static caravan and plot in a good state of repair and condition both visually and structurally, and in a safe, habitable state including the repair and maintenance of all installations and appliances and undertaking and/or commissioning all relevant periodic safety checks. In particular, to make sure all gas appliances are checked every 12 months by a Gas Safe registered engineer, all electrical appliances are checked every 12 months by a qualified contractor.
  • You agree to inform us in advance of any external contractors you wish to use to undertake work for you, so that we can check their insurance and competence in order to maintain a safe environment on Woodlands Caravan Park.
  • We have a list of contractors which are approved to work on site.

Craig at CK Caravans for Plumbing/Gas repairs - 07879 483357

The Gas Store - 01263 838088

Strand for Plumbing/Gas - 01263 722959

Ashtree electrical - 01263 587733 or 07799 015411

Taylor made Sundecks - 07890 650221

East coast Sundecks - 07852 576706

Hallmark Sundecks - 01754 811112

William Laming, fencing and patio's -01263 838904-07795807354

High Harrwood caravan Washing services -07479 303030

All contractors must report to reception in order to sign in and out when working on site.

Park Rules

Work on your plot at Woodlands Caravan Park

  • If you wish to carry out work on your plot i.e. cutting down hedges, planting hedges,erecting fences, putting up a shed, verandas and digging out banks, you must complete a form requesting permission before carrying out the work. Forms are available from the office.
  • You must not trim or fell any trees. Any tree work must be undertaken by a member of our staff or a contractor appointed by us.
  • You must not dump rubbish of any kind including grass cuttings over boundary hedges or fences, ton bags can be borrowed from reception.
  • You must separate out garden waste from household waste

Payment of Rent and Other Charges

  • You agree to pay rent, rates and water rates. You will usually be invoiced, in December for the following year's fees, payable by 1st March.
  • You agree to pay your electricity charges. You will be invoiced, usually in November, payable by 31st December.
  • We reserve the right to refuse entry onto Woodlands Caravan Park if rent and/or other charges have not been paid without our agreement.
  • We reserve the right to remove your static caravan from Woodlands Caravan Park and place it in storage if rent and/or other charges are not paid. Any costs associated with the removal and storage will be charged to you.

Gas Bottles

  • Gas bottle refills can only be purchased from Woodlands Caravan Park.
  • Deliveries from external companies are not permitted.
  • Gas must be paid for before delivery.
  • There is a maximum limit of 2 gas bottles per caravan.
  • The onus is on you to ensure you have enough gas.

Fire Safety

You are responsible for making sure you are aware of the safety procedures to follow onsite in the event of a fire. These can be located at all the fire points around the site. It is recommended that you have a fire blanket and fire extinguisher which has a valid use by date.

Site Closures

We may ask you not to visit your static caravan or the park if Government guidance means that you should not visit or stay, for example in a pandemic such as Covid-19. We may make changes to the facilities and services at the park to follow Government guidelines or to address a health and safety risk.